Maximizing your PubCenter AD Revenue

The Microsoft Pub Center is a great way for your mobile apps to generate income.  There are alternates for Windows Phone  apps out there that include Admob (by Google) and Smaato. Ads are displayed in your app via a custom control that each of these advertisers provides on their sites for free. The more ads your app shows, the more money you can make. It’s truly a seamless development experience to get these controls up and running. I have found that apps that use ads make much more revenue than paid the paid version of the same app with no ads. For more details on how to get MS Pub Center ads in your apps, visit

For the MS Pub Center, the amount you make depends upon a few factors including, but not limited to, ad category, location of the device as well as the currently active advertising campaigns. It can be difficult to know what category is the best one to choose that will provide you with the maximum income possible. Fortunately, I found an application that helps mitigate this problem. It’s called the PubCenter Adviser. Details can be found on the Windows Phone Marketplace via this link. This tool gathers daily statistic reports from all around the world showing how much each category is making on average for any given application. Go check it out today!

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